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Docker meets Vagrant (registry-less mode)

In very common web application I’m using MongoDB as a database, memcached to store session data and caches, ActiveMQ for messaging and Solr for full text search.

And every time there is a very common team is working on a very common app. And every developer in my team is changing stuff in databases. And every QA wants to have they own junk in databases. Finally I need up to 7 different environments (for every developer, and for development testing, and for staging). And I remember ‘Doing a task more than twice? Then, Automate it.’ rule.

In this article I’ll describe how to use Docker and Vagrant locally w/o remote registry. And how I can easily solve all my problems with all thous modern DevOps technologies. I’m going to use Vagrant to automate virtual machine preparation on developer computer. And Docker to do a container management. Every system component (like MongoDB or ActiveMQ) will be described as a docker container. For this step Docker will do the same job as Chef or Puppet but in the next article I’ll explain how to use it w/ remote registry to maintain non-virtual environment.

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